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Are you getting the Right Treatment?

Being an orthopedic specialized physical therapist, my intent is to educate you on pain of musculoskeletal origin which can vary from an ankle sprain to a headache originating from your neck (Cervicogenic headache). Pain is very complex in nature and is the driving force for one to consult a healthcare professional. An individual’s response to […]

What to expect after treatment of BPPV

                At the beginning of my physical therapy career I remember patients treated for many different conditions who complained of having symptoms of vertigo. Patients stated “please do not lay me down flat because I feel so dizzy in this position”. I couldn’t understand this at the beginning but I realized that it can be very […]

Be Smart Over Smart Tech

In my previous blog we were discussing about ‘Tech Neck’ in detail to show the relevance of posture in the origin of neck, upper back  and upper extremity pain. For those who have not read my previous blog, kindly read the previous one in conjunction with this one for better understanding and follow through. Following […]

“The treatment selection for most common vestibular condition – Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo – BPPV”

Vestibular rehabilitation can often be effective immediately and with the use of skilled interventions we can help patient in one or two visits.  One of the condition that can be treated with excellent results and bring immediate relief of symptoms is BPPV – Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.  Unlike many vestibular disorders, BPPV is mechanical in […]

Mind Your Posture, take care of your pocket.

Month of May is internationally considered as  ‘Posture Month’. For me, posture is something everyone must follow through a year throughout life. Starting from home, it should be practiced at school, work and even while recreation. It is also a much repeated word in the musculoskeletal rehabilitation world. One must understand that no one has […]

The Key to a Proper Diagnosis in Vestibular Disorders 

The Key to a Proper Diagnosis in Vestibular Disorders Vestibular disorders vary in intensity of symptoms and their duration as well as patient’s ability to manage them. In our office, we see patients that often come undiagnosed or with specific diagnosis listed on PT prescription. As clinicians, we always have to perform our own evaluation […]

 PAIN: Victim or Culprit?

 PAIN: Victim or Culprit? My last blog gave an introduction to pain management through Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) by Robin McKenzie. However, for the effective management of pain, it is crucial to understand and interpret the pain. Patients should be able to identify the type of pain and quantify their pain for the clinician […]

An Overview of Vestibular Disorders

Patients who suffer from vestibular disorders can experience different symptoms which can vary in intensity and duration. Majority of these symptoms lead to decreased quality of life and affect our daily functioning. We can divide vestibular disorders into 2 groups. First group has its origin in central nervous system and is called central vestibulopathy.  Second […]